Sebasso's Baccarat (kw)

7-03-2015 Crufts Birmingham (UK) World's Largest Dogshow.





Our first visit on the Crufs show was very succesfull. Yearling Class, Sebasso's Baccarat 3rd Prize .So happy to get such a beautiful result with an own bred dog on this large dogshow !

Sebasso's Baccarat . Crufts Birmingham
Sebasso's Toulouse (kw)

1-03-2015 International Dogshow Groningen.



Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen) 1 exc , Best Bitch , CAC , Benelux Junior Winster 2015 , Benelux Winster 2015 . With this result Toulouse is Dutch Junior Champion and Benelux Junior Champion !

Sebasso's Baccarat ( kaninchen )

6-02-2015 International Dogshow Eindhoven



Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen) 1 exc , Best Bitch , CAC . With this result Baccarat is Dutch Junior Champion !




wishes everyone Happy Holidays and all


the best for 2015!



Sebasso's Baccarat kaninchen

14-12-2014 Amsterdam Winner Show



Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen) JUNIOR WINSTER !!

Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen ) junior class 2 excellent

Sebasso's Fayette (kaninchen ) junior class 3 excellent

Alpheratz Nessum Norma (kaninchen) open class 1 excellent Res Cacib

Alpheratz Flamenka (kaninchen ) champion class 2 excellent


Sebasso's Fayette kaninchen

12-12-2014 Holland Cup Show

Sebasso's Fayette (kaninchen) junior class 1 excellent RES CAC (photo)

Alphertaz Flamenka (kaninchen) champion class 1 excellent CAC CACIB

Alpheratz Nessum Norma (kaninchen) open class 2 excellent

Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen) junior class 3 excellent

Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen ) junior class 4 excellent

Alpheratz Flamenka (kw)

7-12-2014 International Dogshow Brussels



Alpheratz Flamenka (kaninchen) 1 excellent BOB CAC CACIB Benelux Winster BIG 3 !

Sebasso's Toulouse (kw)

Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen) 1 excellent  Best junior dog  Benelux junior winster.


Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen) 2 excellent 


Thanx to Judge Liz Gonzales for apreciate my dogs .

Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen)

1-11-2014 International Dogshow Rijswijk



Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen) 1 excellent Res CAC

Alpheratz Nessum Norma

Alpheratz Nessum Norma International Show Champion!



The FCI has proposed the title International Show Champion to our Norma.

29-09-2014 Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen) 1ex ,CAC,BOB,BIG 3 ! Baccarat did a top job in the ring !

Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen)

27/28-9-2014 International Dogshow Maastricht


27-09-2014 Sebasso's Toulouse (kaninchen) 1ex,CAC,BOB

28-09-2014 Sebasso's Baccarat (kaninchen)  1ex ,CAC, BOB ,BIG 3

28-09-2014 Sebasso's Azhara (dwerg) 1 ex ,CAC, BOB

All 3 Dogs BOB !! Proud !!


Sebasso's Olaf (mw)

Sebasso's Olaf (miniature wire)


Our Alpheratz High Definition became father of this beautiful choco boy Sebasso's Olaf.

This little friend will be part of our pack :)

alpheratz high definition

1-05-2014 Poland ,Manowo Hunting Breeds Show.


Alpheratz Nessum Norma (kw) 1ex BOB CAC CACIB BOG 4

CH Alpheratz High Defintion (mw) 1 ex CAC

Thanx Judge Ina Malecka (PL)

Alpheratz Nessum Norma 1ex BOB CAC BOG 4

27-04-2014 Poland, Opole International Dogshow

Alpheratz Nessum Norma (kw) 1 ex BOB CAC CACIB BOG 2

CH Alpheratz High Definition (mw) 1ex CAC RES CACIB

Thanx Judge Liz Gonzales (Gib)and Judge Gitty Schwab (Lux)

alpheratz nessum norma 1ex bob cac cacib bog 2
Sebasso's Torre Pelice

5-4-2014 Int Dogshow "de Utrecht"


Sebasso's Torre Pelice (kaninchen) open class 2 exc Res CAC Res Cacib .

With this result is Torre Dutch Champion !

Alpheratz Nessum Norma (kaninchen) 1 exc Res CAC Cacib

Ch Stargang lewis gneiss to auchans

CH Stargang lewis gneiss to auchans



Almost finishing his holiday for 2 months on Bonaire. He's preparing his flight back "Home Sweet Home "

Alpheratz Nessum Norma






CH Alpheratz Flamenka

15-12-2013 Int Amsterdam Winner Show

A nice show day!

Championclass   CH Alpheratz Flamenka  2 excellent

Open Class  Youth CH Sebasso's Torre Pelice 1 excellent

Happy with our little big friends !

Alpheratz Flamenka

Warm trough the Winter !




Our dogs were asked for a photo shoot. Client is the Dutch Pet store DISCUS.

We are very satisfied with the result. Beautiful and Funny !

Summer 2013.






Sebasso's wishes everyone a happy and sunny summer holiday with your furry friends !

Torre BOB Genk

30-06-2013 Int Dogshow Genk,Belgium

Judge Seamus Oates (Ireland)

NJK Sebasso's Torre Pelice ( kaninchen wire )1U,BOB,CAC,CACIB

Proud ! He did an excellent job !!

Sebasso's Millana 3 excellent.

CH Stargang lewis gneiss to auchans 2 excellent.

A new Family member CH Alpheratz High Definition (MW)


4-6-2013 "High" arrived from the Alpheratz kennel (Sevilla)

We are very glad with this typical breed male and we hope he will quickly feel at home.

Sebasso's Taddeo (tiger wire mw)




We recieved this picture of a proud owner. Diesel is super sturdy but as you can see on the picture also very cute! Diesel is 1 of the 5 out of the tiger litter. Now he is three years .

Delphine of DM photography is the proud owner of Sebasso's Fadrique and send us this nice and beautiful picture !




This beautiful picture is made by Delphine Meersschaert.On the picture her son Remi and their little George (Sebasso's Fadrique) For more beautiful pictures take a look on Delphines her website

NJK Torre Pelice



20-10-2012  International Dogshow "De Utrecht"


Sebasso's Torre Pelice 1 excellent reserve CAC

With this result he,s Dutch Junior Champion!